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An FUE Hair Transplant is the most popular form of surgical hair transplant treatment in the UK. The specialist team of doctors and technicians we use have years of experience in conducting FUE Hair Transplants. Before you commit to a procedure, please read the following helpful guide.

• Hair Loss Centre specialises in the FUE transplant method. Follicular Unit Extraction is the most advanced, clinically proven method available.
• The procedure is carried out under local anaesthetic. The only slight discomfort is the anaesthetic injection itself, every patient varies.
• Hair roots are taken from the donor region at the back of the head and transplanted to the desired area at the top, front, crown or all over.
• There is minimal scarring from this method of treatment as the hair follicles are removed individually, unlike the old-fashioned strip method or FUT.
• Recovery time is also very minimal as no stitches are required with the FUE method.
• The number of grafts transplanted varies anywhere from 50 – 3000. Most UK based clinics charge per graft which often results in a dramatic price increase. Hair Loss Centre offers a fixed fee of £2995.
• A client might need a second hair transplant if they require more than 3000.
• The resultant hair growth is gradual and maximum growth is seen around 12 - 18 months.

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All our hair transplants are done in London and Sheffield.
Through our network of clinics we are able to offer the latest in Follicle Unit Extraction (FUE) hair transplants for both men and women. Hair transplants are available at our specialist centres in the UK and abroad.
The Hair Loss Centre uses only the most advanced and clinically proven techniques to give you the best results of hair you deserve. Unlike other clinics we will only use the FUE form of transplant the benefits of which include;

• FUE transplants are carried out under a local anaesthetic which means patients can read, listen to music or even sleep during the procedure.
• Thanks to the expert teams we use and their advanced techniques, the results of the procedure will appear totally natural.
• As no stitches are required, the downtime is minimal.
• After the treatment you will receive up to 12 months aftercare through the medical team you are booked with.

All hair transplants are done in London and Sheffield.
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What is FUE treatment?

FUE treatment allows individual hairs to be taken from a donor area on the back and/or sides of the head which will then be planted into the scalp to create new hair which will grow as normal. The donor areas along with the area being treated will be shaven in order for the hairs to be transported and put into position. Depending on the number of grafts required, the treatment time will be a maximum of 10 hours.

Over the ten days following the treatment the transplanted hairs will fall out and will then allow the new hairs to grow naturally. The end result of the procedure will leave patients with the appearance of fuller, natural hair which will grow as normal and can be treated as such. Once the 12-month recovery period has been completed, patients can treat their hair as they would have before.

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Step by Step Guide
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You'll arrive at the medical clinic early morning and have your final consultation with your surgeon. They will trim your hair in the required areas, and your hairline and donor area will be drawn upon.


The technician will trim the hair and make the markings in the donor and recipient areas. After preparing the donor area (back and/or lateral part of the scalp), local anaesthesia is applied.


The technician will extract the hair grafts from the scalp. The number of follicular grafts extracted in a one-day procedure ranges from 50 to 3000, which amounts to 100 to 6000 hairs. This number varies from patient to patient, according to the density of the donor zone (number of hairs per follicular graft).


Immediately after their extraction, the follicular grafts are placed in a special solution that ensures their vitality. A member of the team starts their preparation under the magnification of a stereoscopic microscope. The proper preparation and conservation of the follicular grafts are essential for the success of the transplant.


In this phase of the procedure, anaesthesia is applied to the recipient area and incisions are made where the follicular grafts will be implanted later. The incisions are made with needles with a thickness of under 1mm. The depth of incision is exactly the same as the follicular graft length, thus avoiding the lesion of the blood vessels present in the scalp. The incisions define the future angle and growth direction of the hairs, which will be similar to the natural hairs present at the recipient area. The follicular grafts are then implanted one by one in the bald recipient zone, respecting the direction, angle and density distribution patterns of the existing hair in the recipient area.


Once the procedure is completed, you will have a fresh bandage around the back and sides, with the top exposed. Your consultant will go over the aftercare procedure again and you are free to go. We ask you to arrange a travel to get home in advance, as we advise against going on public transport or driving after your procedure.


For the first 3 days you need to be extremely careful you don't touch the hair transplant, this includes sleeping upright. After 3 days, you'll gently wash the transplant with baby shampoo. After 10 days you can wear a hat and after 3 weeks you can wear a helmet. About 80% of the transplanted hairs fall out between the first and the sixth week after surgery leaving their roots inside the scalp. This is a normal part of the procedure and you'll begin to see a thin sprout of new hair growth from 3 months. Full results after 12 months.

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